A Place In The Sun presenter Sara Damergi addresses growing up in ‘racist town’

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A Place In The Sun presenter Sara Damergi has spoken about experiencing racism while growing up in the UK. The property guru has a colourful background with a Lebanese Muslim father and British mother. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the property guru, 41, told how she escaped the war in Beirut as a child and grew up between Lebanon and the UK, but said that her two backgrounds offered completely different experiences.

But now I think it was the greatest gift in the world

Sara Damergi

Speaking about her heritage, Sara said that the contrast between them couldn’t have been more stark.

She said: “I’m from two totally different worlds and it’s always been an interesting balance.”

The Channel 4 property expert spoke about spending time in London as well as a “sleepy town” in Kent.

She explained: “I was in between Kent and London as I spent weekends with my dad in London living the real west end life and he had all these rich Arabs around him.

“I was sort of in a sleepy Kent town and it was quite a racist town to be honest sometimes, not everybody of course,” she clarified.

“It was a really strange time,” Sara added.

The Coast to Coast presenter went on to say that at the time she didn’t know of anyone else with the same heritage as herself, admitting that it sometimes felt like a “struggle”.

“There was nobody else really that I knew of from an Arabic/English background, especially Muslim, and my mum’s not religious at all,” she said.

“So I was getting two very different messages from each side so it was a struggle at times.”

However, upon reflection, the star now sees her mixed heritage as a “gift” which she is keen to share with her two sons.

She explained: “But now I think it was the greatest gift in the world.

“I just think it’s amazing and I want my son to have that worldly view on life.”

Sara wants her sons to experience all aspects of his heritage.

She said: “The other day I took him to the mosque for him to see it and show him that’s what his grandpa believes in, so he can experience different things for himself.”

Sara and her mum fled Beirut when she was just three-years-old during the Terry Waite era.

She told how a bomb went off in front of her family’s car before she and her mother fled the country on a plane, while her father was helicoptered out to Cyprus.

“It was a horrendous civil war, a very long war,” Sara said.

She explained: “It was just horrendous, but he’s a British citizen so he [her dad] came out on a helicopter to Cyprus, they got him out.

“Things could have been much different if I didn’t have a British mum, obviously, I wouldn’t have had a route out,” she reflected.

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