50 Cent Wants Tony Yayo To Pay Him Back Already

50 Cent has decided that he’s going to start a side hustle of shaking other people down for money. After that whole dramatic moment with his Power co-producer Randall Emmett went so well for him, 5o must have realized this was a lucrative next step. He’s a businessman, after all–he sees an opportunity, he’s going to take it. Yesterday 50 put on his debt-collector hat and went after his G-Unit co-member Tony Yayo for years of unpaid money. Ooof, careful Tony, hope you don’t have heart problems for him to make fun of.

Complex reports that 50 Cent has decided to once again inherit the negative energies of his alternate persona: Fofty. This time the hammer fell on Tony Yayo, fellow member of the G-Unit crew 50 helped put on the map. Fofty hit up Instagram to post a video of himself slurping down a McDonald’s Dollar-Drink speaking to Tony on speakerphone, letting Tony know that he’d been mulling over some pending transactions.

“What’s up big homie?” Tony answers the phone. You can hear the genuine happiness in his voice, he’s pleased to hear from his friend. But not for long. After quick pleasantries, Fofty gets to work:

Fofty: “Yo… I just called–I was calling you ’cause I was thinking about people that gotta give me my money back.”

Tony: “Oh… man: here we go. Oh, come on big homie whatchu talkin’ about?”

Fofty: “I wasn’t even talking about you, but now that you said that–you should give me back some of the money I’ve been giving you. Like I’ve been giving you money for years.”

But Tony argues that they’re friends, he thought his friend was just giving him some money!

“You never said I had to pay you back! We’re friends. What are you talking about?”

“Friends?!” Fofty scoffed. “I ain’t got no friends.”

This is when Yayo suggests he pay back his debts via other means: “You want me to shoot somebody? Point the finger. I’ll pay you back like that.”

Did he just jokingly suggest a hit? The video ends there and it’s like: did he do it? You never know–these streets are no joke, look at Tekashi69. Here’s Fofty’s video:

After Fofty posted the video, Tony commented: “You put this up you tripping homie.” Fofty doesn’t trip, Fofty gets paid. Just last week he did this same thing to R&B artist Rotimi who he claims owes him $300,000. And he gave Rotimi the full Randall Emmett and his Instagram roasting is still up online. Maybe Fofty does have friends and so he’s letting Tony off easy with just the one video. He better come correct quick lest Fofty change his mind and decides to go nuclear. I mean, I get why he’d offer to whack somebody for Fofty–he doesn’t want to end up like this:

Pic: Instagram

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