Winds of Winter: ‘Major, EARTH-SHAKING events at The Wall and Oldtown’? – Here’s why

George RR Martin is hard at work on his penultimate A Song of Ice and Fire book, The Winds of Winter. And while the major plot points seen in Game of Thrones will be followed, there will be some changes along the way and fans are trying to work them out.

Now a new theory by SerKurtWager on Reddit argues that Bran the Builder constructed the Hightower as a magical battery for The Wall.

And their best bet is that The Faceless Men will destroy both with the Horn of Winter.

The theorist writes: “Looking into what’s to come in Winds of Winter, major, earth-shaking events are shaping up at Oldtown and The Wall.

“As of now, these places are connected by one thing – Samwell Tarly, a Night’s Watch member who (according to the most likely theories) happens to be carrying around the Horn of Winter.”


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They continued: “Unless Sam manages to make it back to the Wall over the course of Winds, it seems likely that (if the Horn isn’t a red herring) it will be activated and blown while in Oldtown.

“But this paints a rather anticlimactic picture if the blowing of the Horn is absent from its dramatic payoff.

“However, looking into the lore, there’s another huge connection between these locations, one that could come into play in a big way.

“Both are defined by impossibly large feats of magical architecture. And both of them were, according to legend, built by the same man – Bran the Builder.”

They added: “We all know why the Wall was built. But the purpose of the Hightower, like so much else in Oldtown, remains a mystery. For centuries a standard lighthouse sufficed. Why suddenly use sorcery to create this massive beacon?

“When we look at the history of House Hightower, we find the implications of a role similar to the Night’s Watch – Their words: ‘We Light the Way’. Their sword: ‘Vigilance’.

“However, House Hightower has long since abandoned any connection to the Old Gods or Age of Heroes in exchange for financial gain and security. They have forgotten their own purpose, a story-telling conceit very much in line with Martin’s style.

“My proposal is that Bran the Builder raised the Hightower and the Wall as part of the same project. The Hightower functions as a magical battery for whatever spell holds the Wall together. Where better to put such an engine than the literal furthest point on Westeros from The Others’ domain?”

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They concluded: “But while the Hightowers may have forgotten this, the Faceless Men have not. We know they are in Oldtown for some reason.

“I posit that, with the Others on the march, they are here to find a way to unleash the power of the Many-Faced God/Great Other by destroying what is holding it back. And Sam has unwittingly brought the one weapon that can do it right to them.

“I foresee that Lord Leyton will unleash a magical defense capable of defeating Euron (who needs to lose a battle to progress his character). “But while the city is celebrating, a worse disaster will strike.

“Whether it is ‘Not-Pate’ or Euron himself, someone will blow the Horn. The Hightower will fall and with it, the Wall, unleashing the power of the Great Other onto Westeros once again.”

Meanwhile, another popular theory reckons that The Winds of Winter will be more of a horror.

Reddit user GenghisKazoo argues: “Expect some high-concept, weird, horrifying s*** to happen in TWOW.

“And expect the guy who GRRM added 3 new Greyjoy POVs for and wrapped in apocalyptic imagery to be intimately involved in it.”

The Winds of Winter may release in 2020.

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