Looking for Alaska: Wil Wheaton to record audiobook

Wil Wheaton is Looking for Alaska.

The multi-hyphenate has been tapped to narrate the brand-new audiobook of John Green‘s beloved best-seller Looking for Alaska, EW can announce exclusively. It’s a serendipitous pairing: Wheaton, like Green, is best known as a geek culture “champion,” and is known for lending his voice to recordings of other big novels, including Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One and Armada. Wheaton’s Looking for Alaska audiobook drops Sept. 24.

The new edition drops ahead of the launch of Hulu’s buzzy adaptation of the award-winning book, which is based on Green’s teenage years, following a high-school junior named Miles as he navigates life at a new preparatory high school and eventually finds a new group of friends, including the beautiful but enigmatic Alaska Young, with whom he falls in love. Rights were originally acquired way back in 2005; Hulu’s take, created by Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz (The O.C.Gossip Girl), will land Oct. 18, capping a decade-and-change-long development process.

Wheaton, who came up as a child actor in films like Stand by Me and Star Trek: The Next Generation, has amassed a huge online fanbase in his work in the “geek” world, via blogs, gaming, YouTube, and more. His more recent credits include The Big Bang Theory (as himself) and Eureka.

EW can also debut an exclusive excerpt of Wheaton narrating Looking for Alaska, which you can listen to below.

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