How to celebrate World Book Day at home in lockdown

World Book Day 2021 will fall just before schools reopen on Thursday, March 4.

While kids would normally be celebrating at school, showing off their fun literary-themed costumes to their friends, this year it falls entirely to parents to find lockdown-appropriate ways to mark the day.

Looking for inspiration? We’ve got some ideas right here…

Dress up anyway

Dressing up as your favourite literary characters is pretty fun no matter where or how old you are, and there’s a veritable cornucopia of costumes to choose from.

Even though there’s nowhere to go, why not make a day of it and let your kids spend World Book Day in costume to celebrate anyway?

Start the Share A Story Reading Star game

The official World Book Day Share A Story Reading Star game has kids fill in a chart every time they share a story.

This helps little ones mark their progress and set reachable reading goals over time.

Read aloud from your favourite books together

Who doesn’t love being read to?

Whether you’re part of a family with kids or you’re just living with friends, picking a section from your favourite books to read aloud with your household is a great way to bond and encourage kids and grown-ups alike to swap their favourites.

Choose a £1 book

There is a fresh selection of £1 books available for 2021, including titles by McFly’s Tom Fletcher, Holly Jackson and Derek Landy.

This year, the World Book Day book tokens will be valid from Thursday 18 February until Sunday 28 March.

Enjoy a free audiobook

World Book Day are offering a selection of free audiobooks as well, which have been available since February 18.

Readers include the likes of actors Sheridan Smith and Alfred Enoch.

Join a book club

Adults and kids alike can benefit from joining book clubs all year round, and this World Book Day activity idea is one that will help you and the kids keep reading well into the future.

In April, the World Book Day Book Club will launch, with the very first title being High-Rise Mystery by Sharna Jackson.

Cook a book-themed dinner

Ever wanted to try a Hogwarts feast? Or have a slice of Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake?

Food can be an integral part in a story, and cooking a meal with elements inspired by a classic or two is a great way to bring books to life.

Watch one of the live Share A Story events

You can tune into these free 30-minute digital events on the World Book Day website or on their YouTube.

The events feature casts of authors, illustrators and hosts like Jessie Cave and Nigel Clarke.

The three events are:

  • Books that Make you LOL! – on 3 March at 10:30am
  • World Book Day special – Bringing Reading to Life – on 4 March at 10:30am
  • Books and the Real World – on 5 March at 10:30am

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