FRECKLES by Cecelia Ahern (HarperCollins £16.99, 352 pp)


by Cecelia Ahern (HarperCollins £16.99, 352 pp)

Allegra Bird is a parking warden nicknamed Freckles who takes her job very seriously. When an irate driver accuses her of having a vendetta against him, Allegra is shocked by his claim that, because people are the average of the five people they spend most time with, her friends must be losers.

These words settle deep in Allegra’s previously methodical mind and turn her controlled existence upside down.

Largely alone in the city after leaving her beloved Pops behind on the tiny island where she grew up, Allegra is most upset by the fact she doesn’t even have five close people in her life — so she’s got to find them. Fans will adore this heart-warming story about loneliness and connection.


MAGPIE by Elizabeth Day (4th Estate £14.99, 336 pp)

by Elizabeth Day (4th Estate £14.99, 336 pp)

After a troubled childhood in which she was abandoned by her mother, Marisa knows nothing stays perfect for ever. But then Jake came along and she let herself not only fall in love but believe this was her happy ever after.

Then Jake tells her that work isn’t going well and they’ll have to take in a lodger to help pay the bills. Marisa isn’t keen and the more she gets to know lodger Kate, the more on edge she feels.

Kate doesn’t understand boundaries and it’s not long before she’s turning up everywhere Marisa goes.

Even worse, Jake seems happier in Kate’s company than in Marisa’s.

When Marisa discovers she’s pregnant, Kate’s interest in her becomes even more obsessive. This sharp, twisty, psychological thriller is impossible to put down.


IN JUST ONE DAY by Helen McGinn (Boldwood £8.99, 290 pp)

by Helen McGinn (Boldwood £8.99, 290 pp)

Flora learns her husband Johnny has been made redundant on the same day her boss says he can no longer afford to keep open the wine shop where she works. Flora and Johnny decide to take it over themselves, vowing to bring it into the 21st century with an online presence, tastings and events in the garden.

On the same night as their fabulous launch party, Flora’s beloved younger brother is involved in a hideous car accident. Everything changes for all of them and Flora is worried about her parents who don’t seem to be communicating or dealing with anything well.

It’s a beautifully written, moving and wise exploration of how loss and heartbreak affect people differently.

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