13 incredible poets to follow on Instagram this World Poetry Day

This World Poetry Day (21 March), refresh your Instagram feed by following some of these brilliant poets and writers.

One of the best things about poetry is how it helps us make sense of the world we live in.

From mental health and gender identity to race and religion, the best poems take big, complex subjects and provide readers with a new way of looking at or thinking about them. 

And thanks to the rise of social media, poetry is now more accessible than ever. On Instagram in particular, poets are using their platforms to share their work in new and exciting ways, from illustration-led verses to reactive poetry which sheds light on current affairs and events.  

With so many brilliant poets to choose from, there’s never been a better time to add some to your following list – and that’s where this article comes in.

To celebrate World Poetry Day today (21 March), we’ve put together this list of some of our favourite poets to follow on Instagram. From the original ‘Instagram poetry’ of Rupi Kaur to the bold and beautiful illustrations of Morgan Harper Nichols, there’s plenty to explore.

  • Monika Radojevic – @monikaradojevic

    Winner of #Merky Books New Writer’s Prize, Monika Radojevic is a poet, journalist and creative director who writes on subjects including identity, gender and mental health.

    Her debut poetry collection Teeth In The Back Of My Neck is coming out later this year on 4 May, but for now, her Instagram feed is a treasure trove of musings, powerful short poems and snapshots of her life. 


  • Leticia Sala – @leti.sala

    The work of Barcelona-based writer and poet Leticia Sala has received a lot of attention over the last year, and for good reason. Her second book In Real Life, described as “an English-Spanish novel in poems,” tells the story of a woman who finds romance online – albeit thousands of miles away in New York City. 

    On Instagram, Sala shares screenshots of her published poetry in both Spanish and English and shares snippets of her new work, including the poem we’ve embedded above.  


  • Morgan Harper Nichols – @morganharpernichols

    Take one look at Morgan Harper Nichols’ feed and it’s not hard to see why her work is so loved. Alongside creating short poems and affirmations, she also uses her artistic background to present her work in the form of bright, uplifting illustrations.

    Alongside her two books (the latter of which, How Far You Have Come, is being released on 6 April), Harper Nichols also has an app, where users can access more of her content in the form of daily phone wallpapers, encouraging messages and short in-depth reads. 


  • Alexandra Elle – @alex_elle

    The author of numerous books and poetry collections including Neon Soul and After The Rain: Gentle Reminders For Healing, Courage and Self-Love, Alexandra Elle’s Instagram feed is an inspirational collection of affirmations, powerful verse and shareable resources on topics including relationships, self-care and setting boundaries.

    With her minimalistic style and bitesize posts, Elle’s feed is like a breath of fresh air compared to the busy social media atmosphere. 


  • Amanda Gorman – @amandascgorman

    If you loved Amanda Gorman’s powerful performance of The Hill We Climb at Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration, you’ll love the collection of short verses, thoughts and musings Gorman shares on her Instagram account.

    She’s also a vocal activist and speaks on important issues such as racism, oppression and gender equality. 


  • Rupi Kaur – @rupikaur_

    Often described as the original ‘Instagram poet’, Rupi Kaur’s bite-sized poems and delicate line drawings create a feed that is full of inspirational and empowering content. In short, it’s a treat to scroll through.

    Alongside sharing poems from her most recent collection Home Body, she also throws it back to her earlier work with excerpts from The Sun And Her Flowers and Milk And Honey


  • Yrsa Daley-Ward – @yrsadaleyward

    Yrsa Daley-Ward is known for her thought-provoking, unapologetic and mesmerising work on topics including race, gender and sexuality, and the content she shares on her Instagram feed is no exception.

    Alongside sharing both new material and excerpts from her books The Terrible and Bone, Daley-Ward also shares poetry readings and powerful handwritten quotes from her favourite writers, so there is plenty to explore. 


  • Nikita Gill – @nikita_gill

    Whether she’s sharing poems from her older collections, an excerpt from her latest book or fresh material inspired by current events, you can count on Nikita Gill’s feed to be a source of inspiration and adventure.

    Delve deeper into her feed and you’ll discover the series of wonderful captions she writes alongside each post, many of which provide additional prompts and reflections from Gill herself. 


  • Lang Leav

    Based in New Zealand, Lang Leav is a bestselling poet and novelist whose 2014 collection Lullabies won the Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Poetry. 

    Alongside sharing poems from her latest collection, September Love (the foreword for which was written by Riverdale star Lili Reinhart), she also shares work from her older books, of which there are nine. 


  • Charly Cox – @charlycox1

    Known for her poems exploring womanhood, mental health and the female body, Cox’s Instagram feed is a mishmash of poetry, musings on her life as a millennial woman and a collection of profound and/or hilarious captions.

    Follow her for a healthy dose of honest, relatable and thought-provoking content. 


  • Lisa Olivera – @_lisaolivera

    Lisa Olivera users her unique perspective as both a writer and therapist to inform her Instagram content, and it’s a real treat. With content on topics including compassion, grief, emotions and self-care, her content is both practical and beautiful.

    Although she’s not strictly a poet by description, her bitesize affirmations and words of wisdom have a poetic and uplifting quality which we couldn’t not feature. 


  • Najwa Zebian – @najwazebian

    Najwa Zebian is an author, activist, speaker and creator whose work is an amalgamation of poetry and self-help content.

    On her Instagram feed, she posts on topics including relationships, boundaries and self-care – and shares poems from her poetry collections Sparks Of Phoenix and The Nectar Of Pain


  • Hollie McNish – @holliepoetry

    Hollie McNish’s ability to reflect the world in a funny, thought-provoking and refreshing way is just one of the reasons why we love her work so much.

    As you can tell from the poem we’ve embedded above, her work doesn’t shy away from the hilarious, awkward and darker sides of life – and her Instagram feed is no different. Whether she’s sharing the work of her favourite writers or doing poetry readings, McNish’s Instagram feed is always a real treat.  


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